A New Generation of Fire Detection Cameras

Fire DetectionA new generation of fire detection cameras is about to greatly increase fire safety in various industries.

The latest fire detection cameras incorporate state-of-the-art image processing combined with IR detection technology.

Fire detection cameras such as the Fcam by Ciqurix can provide faster fire detection with shorter response times with a significantly reduced chance for false alerts.

As compared to old-fashioned and fire detection systems, these cameras can detect semi-concealed fires from as far away as 180m, in all weather conditions and at all light levels, including in complete darkness. The detection time for fires is less than 12 seconds.

What makes these new fire detection cameras also appealing is that they can be used in any existing CCTV system. This way, they can do the job of ordinary surveillance systems plus provide state-of-the-art fire detection. These systems are ideal for many types of commercial operations and businesses but also for providing increased safety and security for private enterprises and organisations, including bars, restaurants, shops, malls, hotels and others.

The digital fire detection cameras are in particular suitable for all those locations where conventional fire detection devices such as smoke detectors would not be suitable.

AI doesn’t have all the answers, says The Guardian

A good percentage of jobs in the UK are at risk of being automated away, and this includes all kinds of jobs including those which are the domain of social workers.

An article in The Guardian however makes the point that personal skills such as those which are required for social work could never be replaced by a machine. What makes this type of work the front as compared to other jobs is that it involves to handle sometimes confusing information, in ways that are hard to explain: the human ability which is called intuition. According to The Guardian and several experts in the field of computing and artificial intelligence, machines will likely never be able to accomplish this.

This makes social work, and other professions where unique human skills are required rather safe from being replaced by artificial intelligence any time soon.

Better Education Opportunities in the UK’s Private Schools

When it comes to computing and related high-tech fields, not all schools in the United Kingdom can offer the same level of education.

The reason for this is most often that public schools can be lacking the funds for modern and up-to-date education equipment and resources, an area that’s particular important in the fast moving field of computers and the internet.

If you want to maximize your children’s success for a good career later on in life, you should consider whether a private school can possibly offer them better learning opportunities as compared to state schools. Chances are, if your children are interested in computers and related fields that a private school can offer them more to support their interests.

How can you find a good private school in the UK?

Fortunately, we have many good private schools here in the UK so that finding a good one is merely a matter of investing sufficient time. It can be best if you compare several schools side-by-side and look at what each one has to offer. You can then better decide which school can best accommodate your children’s individual interests and skills. Last but not least, whether this concerns state schools or private schools, don’t make this decision in a hurry but take your time in selecting a school. At private schools Hertfordshire  you can find out more about the many opportunities that privately operated schools can offer!

£95m to support education and training programmes for healthcare

Wales has announced a £95m support package aimed to help with education and training programmes for healthcare professionals.

Vaughan Gething, Health Secretary said that this financial help will support nurses, physiotherapists, radiographers and many more in the health care industry to get more training and education.

He also stated that it will help get 3,000 new students studying healthcare in Wales.

An amount of £500,000 is included in the grant, intendede for community healthcare.

The associate director of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), Peter Meredith-Smith, stated that the RCN had argued for a long time that investment in community staffing infrastructure in Wales has not kept pace with changing models of care across the country, with a shift of care from hospitals to community settings.

“Clearly it will take a few years for the full effects of this investment to fully bear fruit, with a time-lag between the new money flowing into the system and nurses completing their education and training. However, the impact of this announcement on the morale of front-line staff should not be under-estimated”, he was quoted saying.

Electronic Invoicing Is the Modern Way to Do Invoices

In the same way as email revolutionized the way how we communicate, e-invoices can provide significant benefits for many types of businesses.

electronic-einvoiceOne similarity of electronic invoicing compared with emails would be that both make use of the Internet.

In the case of E-invoices, a business owner is able to and to receive invoices instantly and without delay.

As a result, businesses can save tremendous amount of time, money on postage and manpower.

However, the speed of electronic invoicing is not its only benefit.

The ability to be able to do the entire invoice Prices from one, central place by using a mobile phone or notebook adds significant mobility. Gone are the times where businesses had to operate an office solely for the purpose of doing their invoicing and related paperwork. With electronic invoicing, all related tasks can be achieved within minutes from your mobile device.

The average business today is still dealing with loads of paperwork which amounts to  increased and sometimes rather tedious work.  With e-invoices, this is a thing of the past as well. The fact that all invoicing data is available in electronic format, easily accessible from one central server makes the management and organisation of invoices a lot easier. One added bonus here is also that mistakes can be kept at a bare minimum.

If you happen to be a business owner you may want to look into electronic invoicing. Its numerous benefits, affordable costs and easiness to use make it worthwhile for virtually any type of business.

Experts Fear Quantum Computers Threaten Cyber Security

The first quantum computers won’t be that far off in the future. Cyber security experts are already worrying about their potential to make most of today’s security technologies obsolete. The US National Institute of standards and technology warned earlier this year and issued a call for help on the matter. Now, the Global Risk Institute joined them as well.

Due to the power and speed that quantum computers will bring, some experts predict a one in seven chance that current public key cryptography can possibly be broken by the year 2026. By 2001, this chance will increase by a further 50%, according to Michele Mosca, the co-founder of the University of Waterloo’s Institute for quantum computing.

“Although the quantum attacks are not happening yet, critical decisions need to be taken today in order to be able to respond to these threats in the future,” he was cited as saying.

One major difference with quantum computers is that they work in a fundamentally different way as compared to traditional computer systems. Today’s computers represent numbers simply by 0s or 1s. Quantum computing on the other hand works with atomic scale units called quantum bits or qubits. Those qubits can be zeros and ones at the same time by making use of a state that is known as superposition. The result of is superior speed and performance when it comes to complex operation. The breaking of cryptography codes would be among them.

Mosca, in a public statement: “One unintended consequence of quantum computation is